Dress for a ring

Costume jewelry makes a daily appearance in my outfit almost every day. I’ve always said that fashion is no good if you can’t express yourself in a fun way through it and costume jewelry is an easy and loud way to express that.

I was cleaning out some of my old jewelry in my dresser the other day when i found some great pieces from when I was a little girl, including some tropical looking shell necklaces and big cocktail rings. I had just read a fashion blog about how huge rings are really in right now on satellite internet so I set it aside and put it in with my regular jewelry collection.

I had kind of forgotten about the ring and then found it this morning when I was looking for one of my favorite pairs of earrings. The bluelucite ringg didn’t exactly match my boho dress and looked like it belongs more in Austin Powers but I found another dress to wear it with and make it work in the words of Tim Gunn.

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