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Music as One of the Essentials for Mediation

Most people who have not tried yoga or meditation think that it’s not easy to do. It could be because their perception of mediation is based on the images they saw where a woman in leotard twist her body parts and do difficult posture. However, this is not always the case.

There are lots of types of yoga that originated from different schools of Buddhism and Hinduism. You may want to perform a yoga which only focuses on the human body or one which focuses on your spirituality. In other words, what we see in pictures or videos is just some types of meditation and there are lots of other types that you can choose from. So, if a certain meditation does not suit for you, don’t force yourself to do it and find one that you think is more doable.

Music is one of the best aid so that performing yoga will be easy and comfortable. The common type of music used during meditation is the new age music. Other type of music that is also used for yoga are ethnic compositions. For those who have just started yoga, it’s recommended that you choose a music that is not too busy but atmospheric. This is to avoid much distractions while you’re still learning different methods of meditation and so that your mind will be relaxed and become peaceful.

For your first meditation, you can sit in a chair and you may face your hands up or down, whichever seems comfortable to you. You can light candles and put incense inside the room to help you feel calm and become more focus during meditation. If you are in a noisy neighborhood, it’s recommended that you use a headphone so that you can focus with what you do. During meditation, try to forget anything that could take your minds away from your meditation. You can be more focus if you close your eyes. After you become comfortable and relaxed, you can then try simple breathing techniques. First, deeply breath and hold it for several seconds. After that, calmly release your breath, and repeat the process. Repeat this as long as you want, and if you notice that your mind strays, focus on the lighted candle. Others suggest that you utter words that will make you feel that you are connected with God. Some words that you can utter aside from God is peace, unity, etc.

Try doing this method as necessary. Now, you must have realized that meditation is not as complex as others say about it, and you can learn and perform it on your own with the aid of candles, incense and music.

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