Pediatric Surgery Plastic Surgery

The reasons for the search of pediatric plastic surgery is very high, but the conditions of the birth defects that are present at birth, are most discussed in this specific field of medicine. Craniofacial surgery, jaw and problems to solve, the jaw, face, mouth and skull. Some of the circumstances of this specialty lip and palate, that influence the government can and say craniosyntosis, an event in preterm infants, which in excessive pressure of the skull as misshapen head, hemifacial microsomia, a condition that causes side surface in the same to develop pace as the others, and facial paralysis due to different diseases.

Other conditions of pediatric plastic surgeon approached include skin injuries and diseases such as wine stains, birthmarks and other hemangiomas and burns. Malformations and scars caused by trauma also discussed, as well as other issues like the inclusion of congenital malformations and the members of the plant. A special condition must be addressed and corrective action reconstructive procedures, the incidence of positional data plagiocephaly “flat head”, a phenomenon that was more than five times in a national effort to reduce the American Academy of Pediatrics to sudden infant death syndrome was started.

Because the children are not fully grown, it is essential that these pediatric specialists to be aware of the consequences of growth and bone tissue in relation to the specific intervention. Those who are rebuilding operations in children part of a team involved, that usually includes a pediatric dermatology, social workers, psychiatrists and other experts in the first years of life. intensive research, information and advice for children must be accompanied by changing the incredible results and the life that these transactions and their parents play a large role in promoting their children’s ability to adapt has taught during the pre-and post- -operative for the emotional healing of those in the same operation involved important.

Most procedures are within the category of rehabilitation or reform, and therefore traditionally cover the insurance. There is a possibility, even if the basis of the surgical reconstruction, which is part of the process, the will and the plastic surgery is due to a general view not covered by insurance, although there may be holes “loop” that define the necessary cosmetic forthcoming following first reconstruction.