Lip Augmentation With Loads

Full lips are considered a sign of beauty, by a sensual look and youthful face. Very often, his thin lips much the appearance of an otherwise beautiful face. Lip augmentation with fillers, it is now for the people on the lips, have long desired, possible. Those who are covered by thin lips or edges can be seen undergoing subsidence significant results after this treatment. Plastic surgeons use injectable fillers, the only volume to the lips. Wrinkles and folds to look like space lush lips soft and firm.
Dozens of people have learned to lip augmentation as quickly and effectively rely on to hide the signs of aging. The results are preliminary: The procedure is simple and convenient. Lip augmentation with fillers is worth taking the time to an hour under normal conditions. Local anesthesia was such that it will no sensation of pain or discomfort. is used, the plastic surgeon can perform a skin test on the type of load for the worst. If the injection of collagen is preferred, then the skin test is required. However, no evidence, produced for the treatment and the fat from the body.
In addition to autologous collagen and fat that are often used, other options for materials, including Artecoll injection, dermatogen and fascia, which are approved by the FDA. Make sure lip augmentation with fillers is performed by an experienced plastic surgeon and specialist. The plastic surgeon would be meeting face to face with you to discuss your expectations and all the details of the treatment option that suits you best, with the benefits, risks and limitations.