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Benefits of Using Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit type that is predominantly found in parts of the world including: Southern Africa, Australia and Asia. Manufacturers of some food supplements have been using this fruit around the world. It is believed that consumption of supplements made from Garcinia Cambogia aids in weight loss.

By using Garcinia Cambogia, weight loss is achieved through three different ways. First of all, the supplement is believed to kill appetite hence reducing food consumption leading to weight loss. The second way in which the supplement reduces body weight is by blocking production of excess fats in the body. Garcinia Cambogia supplements attract many people due to their natural occurrence and the fact that they can be consumed without a doctor’s prescription.

Many reviews have been done on the working of Garcinia Cambogia supplements according to expert opinions. In reviewing Garcinia Cambogia, analysts have been checking possible side effects to consumers, types of ingredients used and possible outcomes to clinical researches done on the supplement. Opinions of people who have used the supplements in their lives have also been taken into account by many reviews.

The component in Garcinia Cambogia extract that aids in weight loss is called Hydroxycitric acid which is a type of citric acid. Hydroxycitric acid stops the working of enzyme Citrate Lyase which is a metabolic enzyme that converts excess sugars into fatty acids. This means that Garcinia Cambogia slows down the conversion of carbohydrates into fats hence achieves weight reduction without necessarily having the person being on diet or avoiding certain foods.

In achieving reduced appetite for weight loss, Garcinia Cambogia promotes the increase in production of a chemical called Serotonin. Serotonin suppresses general appetite for food but is particularly good at reducing craving for sugar in the body. Increased levels of Serotonin in the body have also been found to help improve moods of people and avoid depression. Less stress and depression results in less consumption of food as many people usually turn to food when stressed.

Rates of metabolism and general body efficiency is achieved after using Garcinia Cambogia. Increased rate of metabolism means that body fats have to be synthesized to produce more energy for metabolism. Increased synthesis of body fats means that the utilized fats are more than those taken in through foods hence leading to weight loss.

Levels of lipids in the blood are kept at a low level through the reduction of fats in the body by Garcinia Cambogia. Bad cholesterol is inhibited by the reduced lipid level in the blood while production of good cholesterol is promoted. It is therefore right to conclude that Garcinia Cambogia reduces prevalence of diseases such as hypertension since reduction of bad cholesterol lowers the body’s blood pressure.