Tom Clancy games

Finally, I found some games that my husband and son could play together! One of my husband’s favorite kinds of books are those thrillers by Tom Clancy and I read online not too long ago when I was trying to get ideas for some books to pick him up at the library that there are a lot of games based on Tom Clancy’s books. So I thought that it would be fun to buy one or a couple of those video games and get my husband and son to bond a little by playing them.

After I got the idea to do it, I used my satellite star internet to order some of teh ones based off of Rainbow Six.

Well, my husband was really surprised that I had bought the Rainbow Six games because he didn’t know either that there were games based off of Tom Clancy’s books. My son really took to them because he’s already so used to playing all those shoot em up games, but it was a little tough for my husband because he never plays games like that.